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Re: the post-war period.

' On April 22, 1945, the 1st Ukrainian Front under Marshal Konev prepared to overcome the Teltow Canal in a broad front. After the failure of a first attack in the area of Lichterfelde, the first bridgehead was won on April 24, 1945 (1) at the Fritz-Schweitzer-Bridge, and the Soviet tanks reached Zehlendorf Sued at noon. ' (, January 2023 ).
On the back side of the property at Ladiusstrasse 5, where the Billmanns lived around 1949-53, according to recollection, there was a fallow area with an abandoned trench system.
And during kindergarten walks, there were many pits in the Heinrich-Laehr-Park that meanwhile were covered with leaves. (2)
All children were forbidden by parents and kindergarten teachers to play there.

In 1952 the external border (West Berlin - GDR) was closed.
Until then, people from Zehlendorf could buy something in Teltow, for example a wooden toy bus for the Billmann children, and only had border controls on the Knesebeck bridge *.


Where did they come from?


- Joerg Volker Dietrich, Kinder der Goerzbahn, 2020, p. 6,
Kindergarten (in hospital & rest home): early 1950s, then closed
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