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Mhdb's publications such as 'Mozart had the Blues' analyze the band, the drums theory & history, as well as urban music, urban culture & development. The texts can be read with the help of any computer, but only for non-commercial & private use. Password via


1. Mozart had the Blues
2. The Mhdb songs
3. Schlagzeugschule
4. Das Scheik-Lese- und -Spruechebuch
5. Metropolises, jazz & percussion (permanent project)
     . Metropolises
     . Historic metropolises/centers
     . American-European Mhdb roots
6. Music & urban architecture (permanent project)
7. MhdbExtras.blogspot



1. Mozart had the Blues. The theory, history & prehistory of 'Mozart has the blues' (Mhdb) - or: an amateur drummer's autobiography. Drums theory, development & history. By Wolfgang Billmann, Kassel, Germany, 2015 (currently revision, updated from time to time, 1st ed. 1997, German, manuscript), German/English


2. The Mhdb songs, details. Texts, arrangements, melodies, chords, measures, MP3. By Wolfgang Billmann, Kassel, Germany, 2008-19, English, German/English lyrics


3. Schlagzeugschule. 3., in d. Grundlagen gek. u. geaend. Ausg. By Wolfgang Billmann, Kassel, Germany, 1997 (closed: continuation see Wolfgang Billmann, Mozart had the Blues, 2015, updating from time to time, The Mhdb drum style), German, manuscript


4. Das Scheik-Lese- und -Spruechebuch. By Wolfgang Billmann, Kassel, Germany, 1995, closed, German, manuscript



5. Metropolises, jazz & percussion, Mhdb's global orientation. Influences on Mhdb. Urban music, culture & development. By Wolfgang Billmann, Kassel, Germany, German/English, permanent project





PA Paris (Europe)
LO London
MO Moscow
NY New York (America)
LA Los Angeles
MC Mexico City
RJ Rio de Janeiro
SP Sao Paulo
BA Buenos Aires
TO Tokyo (Asia)
OS Osaka
SE Seoul
BE Beijing
SH Shanghai
HK Hong Kong
JK Jakarta
DE Delhi
CA Calcutta (Kolkata)
MU Mumbai (Bombay)
KA Karachi
CR Cairo (Africa)
LG Lagos
KI Kinshasa
JO Johannesburg
SY Sydney (Australia-Oceania)
Historic metropolises/centers  
CH Catal Huyuk (Neolithic Period, Pre History, & Konya)
BB Babylon (Mesopotamia, & Al Hillah)
JE Jerusalem (Ancient Near East)
PE Persepolis (Ancient Persia, & Marvdasht)
ME Memphis (Ancient Egypt, & Helwan = Haluan)
TH Thebes (& Luxor)
AT Athens (Ancient Greece)
AL Alexandria (Hellenism)
RO Rome (Roman Empire)
BY Byzantium (Byzantine Empire; Constantinople) & Istanbul
LU Lubeck (Middle Ages)
FL Florence (Modern Times)
VE Venice
BG Baghdad (Islam)
ES Esfahan
TI Timbuktu
XI Xian (Ancient China)
KY Kyoto (Ancient Japan)
HA Harappa (Ancient India, & Sahiwal)
AN Angkor (Ancient Southeast Asia, & Siem Reap)
TE Teotihuacan (Ancient America)
CC Chan Chan (& Trujillo)
American-European Mhdb roots  
Song examples (from approx. 2020 on): Blackberry Smoke, southern rock & Mhdb - Blackberry Smoke. Thelonious Monk (p). Chris Dave (d) - American-European Mhdb roots

      Embedded video,, June 17, 2016



6. Music & urban architecture. By Wolfgang Billmann, Kassel, Germany, German/English, permanent project


   NewYorkSeagram 04.30.2008.JPG   Seagram Building. Embedded image,, April 25, 2020



7. MhdbExtras.blogspot. Various



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