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'Mozart has the blues' (Mhdb = abbreviation, 'Mozart has the blues' = 'Mozart hat den blues', English translation), Kassel (Germany), is an avant-garde jazz & absurd rock band. Mhdb present themselves mainly on the Mhdb sessions and videos. Mhdb's publications such as 'Mozart had the Blues' analyze the band, the theory & history of drums, as well as urban music, urban culture & development. The virtual Mhdb twin, Bambulete, performs the self-created 43 Mhdb songs (the Mhdb standards) in a largely atonal & percussive style; exceptionally live: drumming tips, quarantine solo project.

Mhdb stage plan

The whole Mhdb story (approx. 1960-), theoretical background (texts, arrangements, melodies, chords, measures), and the 20 pre-Mhdb & Mhdb bands: "Mozart had the Blues, The theory, history & prehistory of 'Mozart has the blues' (Mhdb) - or: an amateur drummer's autobiography". By Wolfgang Billmann, Kassel, Germany, 2015 (updated from time to time, 1st ed. 1997), password via


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